A Brilliant Creation

I never imagined, I would be writing a romantic letter and try to share it with the world. Moreover want people to fall in love, just the way I did. Yes.. with the one I fell for.

If teenage love stories happened this way, I could imagine myself being a part of it.

Who am I?

I am just another millennial, trying to be ‘one of a kind’ and dreaming of becoming one of TIME’S 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE.

Why am I writing this elaborate story?

Because I am so smitten by it… that now my jaw hurts of speaking about it to 10,000 people (exaggeration included), that I want to write it in a platform where people can read. And be a part in appreciating what a charm it is.

What? When? Why? How?

We all are bombarded with these questions almost on a daily basis. Well, I do. Be it about just catching a train or buying the perfect shade of lipstick. Finding the best solution and not regretting about it, is a task.

And at the end of the day, we always find ourselves in a comfortable lie “I’ll figure it out”.

 On this very journey of figuring things out, I had been doing as many tasks as I could. Because when you are figuring things out… you live inside a tangled pile of woolen threads, that just won’t fix. So, I ended up jumping from one opportunity to the other, learning what new I can do and was  forgetting what I was actually good at.

 When I was struggling to find myself an identity based on my talent, and land into a job where I could grow, I was sent for an interview via reference. But for the first time ever, instead of me having to make an impression… a company made me fall in love with it. For the first 20 minutes of the entire meeting, I was in awe of the brilliant working concept that this firm has. A one stop solution for all those who want to become successful and get acknowledged by the world, for those who want to earn some extra pocket money, for those who just can’t find the perfect employee for their company, for those who are tired of failed attempts of trying to advertise themselves, and for all those who one way or the other ask themselves those WHAT, HOW, WHEN, WHY.

“Jobs On Sight or JOS is a Hyper Location Based business media platform” that’s what the company tells about itself. But what it actually is, is a genius working concept to help employees and employers find each other. JOS is in a path of making sure there are less to NO unsatisfied employment, by helping the employee and the employer find each other on the basis of not just requirement but also skills.

Ever since the company has come into play, it has been helping people in all sorts that no one could have probably imagined. If you are a homemaker, a student or maybe just figuring things out, you get to make the easiest money. ‘Refer and earn’, your entire contact list is going to make you those extra hundreds(or maybe more).

If one actually observes, this company’s entire goal is to help people. The concept boomed when the founder of the company Avinash Sondhi once saw labor class people standing at a bus stop to be picked up early in the morning, by builders for their daily wage works. And today, JOS is the bridge making sure people don’t have to struggle much and are happy doing what they are doing. Now, one doesn’t have to go miles for their interviews, or wait in queues for their turn. Interviews via video call became the ultimate solution.

More so, it is not restricted to one state or one country, the entire globe becomes accessible.

One concept after another, JOS has successfully found out solutions for every problem people generally face. It doesn’t stop amusing me with its qualities and its excellent ways of helping people.

Jobs On Sight has come up with the most interesting features. To name a few, if you register yourself to ‘AROUND YOU’, first of all, your subscription for registering as an employer becomes free, then you can post unlimited advertisements and announcements about your company/ business which will be sent as a notification to all the JOS users in the nearby location.

Words, sentences, and paragraphs will fall short in appreciating the efforts made by the team of the company to bring in such ease in people’s lives in affordable ways. And all of this is what swept me off my feet.

Having a heart of kindness and nature to help, I have been giving my share of support to those in need from a very young age. But, when you grow up, you get added responsibilities, and with each day your share of help reduces, which later adds on this heavy guilt that is impossible to overcome.

With just this one app, not only can I get jobs or post my ads, but can silently do my part for the society,that I have always wanted to do.

 Technology for sure has made our lives easier, it’s actually  application that provide the main services. And JOS being one such app, is doing wonders.

What do I do now?

Well, as I said, helping people has always been a reason to live for me. So with my heart on my sleeve, I am doing my part by being in the team that provides such help in numbers. Accessing global platform, being versatile and never regretting it.

And if you are a wanderer like I was and want a solution, come, meet us and let’s talk.

JOS it is…

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Visit us : www.jobsonsight.org , call us on 079 4800 9232 or simply email : ananya@jobsonsight.co.in

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Author: Ananya Chatterjee

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