JOS app – India’s leading Location based Job search Platform

Avinash sondhi - JOS app - India's leading Location based Job search Platform

JOS app is a Job search application available on iOS and Android, designed to provide jobs in the local area and nearby services. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to spot lucrative employment opportunities for job hunters within a 5 km radius. For employers willing to hire, the app allows spotting talent.

Gauging the nature of available skills or a work ambience is possible through a compulsory rating system done by registered users of the app.

Added benefits come your way with a scope to transfer files, upload the curriculum vitae,connect via video chats and calls, use audio chats and calls, text chat for convenience. Even a preliminary interview can be done virtually. A smart phone with data connectivity is the only tool required.

JOS bridges the gap between a Job provider and Job seeker in more ways than one. It helps detect both on a map without using airtime. Just choose your pick.

Jobs On Sight focuses on its contribution to the convenience factor. In the comfort of your house or office, you can schedule work to be done. You can employ staff directly and pick a choice you feel fit for the job to be taken care of, be it employing a nurse for a hospital, placing a financial planner for your company or looking for an auto-rickshaw/taxi. Our application offers you a wide arena to satisfy your demand, whether you are seeking services that require expertise or layman job which need immediate attention.

It does not matter whether you are a Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician or Gardener looking for job, a Semi Skilled/Unskilled/Skilled labour working in a factory, a CA, Nurse, Doctor, Software Engineer, or any other professional working in the corporate world, you could be a Security Guard, Construction worker, Waiter, Chef, Driver, Daily Wages worker who stands out at the cross roads early in the morning too! No matter what the profession or skill set, through Jobs On Sight, you could always find your perfect placement.

Well, all these potential employees would be meaningless if there was no one to provide them with an opportunity, right?

So if you’re a potential employer and in need of hiring someone’s services, this is the perfect platform to find your solution!!

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Author: Avinash Sondhi

Mind, heart, and soul behind #JOS APP. JOS App is a uniquely crafted app providing jobs in the local area and gets nearby job openings with a robust service. An app with cutting-edge technology to spot jobs locally for job seekers. Employers willing to hire- spot talent in no time!